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Original title: Odjuret
Sweden, 2010

Director: Larsson, Emil & Jern, Martin
Production company: Dansk Skalle AB
Age recommendation: 15 years and up

Alienation, crime and repressed sexuality are just some of the ingredients in this dark and violent story about four young people whose paths cross in the southern Swedish countryside. They have no role models and so dream of a life that as yet remains unfulfilled. But what happens to a person who lacks hope and has no dreams of a better future?

The film is inspired by the murder of two 18-year old girls in southern Sweden in January 2004. The creators’ previous works include “Fourteen Sucks” and “Du & Jag”.

BUFF Malmö 2010

Website: www.filmenodjuret.se

World sales address/es:
Dansk Skalle (SE)

Sold to:
Novemberfilm (SE)