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South is Nothing

Original title: Sud è Niente, Il
German title: South is Nothing *
Italy, France, 2013

Director: Mollo, Fabio
Production company: B24 Film
Co-producers: Madakai, Torino Film Lab
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Grazia lives in a small town on the Strait of Messina with her father Cristiano who sells dried fish. She was 12 when her older brother Pietro emigrated to Germany and never came back. One day Cristiano said that Pietro was dead and he never wanted to talk about it again.
Today Grazia is 17 and her body has grown in a very masculine shape: wide shoulders, no breast, short hair. She often gets treated like a boy, not only by her schoolmates but also by her own father who sees in her a replacement for Pietro, both in his shop and his life.
One night, after fighting with Cristiano, Grazia enters into the sea and sees a human figure, in which she recognises the face of her brother. When she sees the boy running from the waves to the town, she begins to believe that Pietro never died and that he is hiding somewhere in the city, waiting to be found.
As Grazia decides to search for him, she breaks the rule of silence to which Cristiano has always obeyed and finally discovers the truth not only about her brother, but also about herself and her own identity.

Torino IFF 2013, Rome IFF 2013, Toronto IFF 2013, Berlin Generation 2014

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Doc & Film (FR)

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Luce Cinecittà (IT)