Vision and Mission


  • Film, as one of the influential arts, has the power to transform societies and people, and each individual should have access to it. Children, since they cannot provide this themselves, need ambassadors for children’s film.
  • ECFA is such an ambassador, helping to provide access to a wider variety of European cinema for children worldwide.
  • ECFA therefore plays an important role in raising awareness about the importance of quality children’s film and media.
  • ECFA is aware of the sensibility of children, some of whom might be experiencing cinema for the first time in their life, and is aware of the importance and power of the arts, also for a young audience.
  • ECFA respects children’s points of view, and promotes quality European cinema for children, enabling them to cherish and enjoy film and stimulating their love for cinema.
  • The aim of the European Children’s Film Association is to support cinema for children and youth in all its aspects: cultural, economic, aesthetic, social, political and educational.
  • ECFA aims to see an operational structure in every European country for high quality films for children and youth.


  • Networking: ECFA is the open network organisation for a wide range of professionals in the field of children & youth film and film and media education, based upon sharing knowledge and mutual solidarity among its members.
  • Informing: ECFA spreads relevant information among its members and beyond.
  • Facilitating: ECFA facilitates multiple forms of and occasions for exchange, both online and physical, among its members and other professionals, building bridges between various networks.
  • Lobbying: ECFA lobbies on behalf of the children’s film industry on a political, educational and cultural level (regular systematic contact).


  • Personal: communication
  • Quality: cinema, information, communication
  • Respect: towards children and professionals (tolerance towards all different professional work fields)
  • Responsibility: ambassadors for children’s needs
  • Passion: enflaming the love for cinema in children
  • Enthusiasm: for children, art, cinema
  • Independence: organisation
  • Diversity: members
  • Sharing: the knowledge and best practices
  • Having a good time!