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Spartacus and Kalashnikov

Original title: Spartak i Kalashnikov
Russia, 2002

Director: Proshkin, Andrej
Production company: Studio Krud
Co-producers: Mosfilm
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

The orphan Kalashnikov finds an abandoned Alsatioan puppy named Spartacus. The director of the orphanage does not let the boy keep the dog, so the two run away. The boy and the dog wander from one place to another until they end up at the army's dog training school. (Source: Oulu International Children's Film Festival 2002)

Oulu 2002, Malmö 2003, Laon 2003, Chemnitz 2003, Cottbus 2003, Leeds 2004, Discovery Dundee 2004

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