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Schoenefeld Boulevard

Original title: Schönefeld Boulevard
German title: Schönefeld Boulevard
Germany, 2014

Director: Enders, Sylke
Production company: Credo:Film GmbH, Ester Reglin Film
Co-producers: RBB, WDR
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

“Candy Bomber” – this is the name obese Cindy is contemptuously called by her father, who believes his daughter is capable of hardly anything. And Danny, her pretty crazy childhood friend, says that her parents would have preferred to have the caretaker’s child, who was already born dead. Cindy is 18 years old and lives in Schönefeld, a suburb of Berlin, near the major BER airport. Just as hopes have faded that this construction project would ever be completed, Cindy has lost all faith in herself and a fulfilled future life. She allows her supposed friends “Cindy One” and Katharina to humble her regularly and to reduce her to carrying their bags. When Danny becomes a soldier and goes to Afghanistan, Cindy is on her own. She happens to meet Leif, a Finnish chief engineer working for the airport, and falls in love with this much older and more experienced man. She feels taken seriously by Leif, gradually loses her inhibitions and notices for the first time in her life that she is attractive to others. From now on, Cindy's hunger for affection, recognition and freedom is unsatisfiable. When Danny returns home involuntarily soon afterwards, he finds his friend completely changed. He cannot cope with Cindy no longer wanting to bear his teasing and going her own way. But instead of declaring his feelings to her, Danny tries to ruin Cindy’s new life, and ultimately destroys his own.

Schlingel Chemnitz 2014, Stockholm Junior 2015

Website: www.schoenefeld-boulevard.de

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Farbfilm-Verleih (DE)