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Sams im Glück

Original title: Sams im Glück
German title: Sams im Glück
Germany, 2012

Director: Gersina, Peter
Production company: Collina Filmproduktion, Munich
Co-producers: Universum Film, Munich; ZDF
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Now a lot of people don't know this, but the thing about having a Sams living under the same roof is that when it's been there for ten years, you slowly but surely start becoming one yourself! And that's exactly what Mr. Taschenbier starts to experience. His continually reoccurring changes are not externally visible, but his behavior is most certainly changing: he is just as greedy, prickly and bad mannered as our Sams. But every time he changes back he has no memory of what has happened. And what we know but he doesn't: if the Sams continues to stay with the Taschenbiers, then this transformation will continue until Herr Taschenbier becomes a full-fledged Sams himself!

Initially, the Sams is overjoyed to finally have found a playmate, but even it notices things are slowly spinning out of control and tries to work out how it can stop Herr Taschenbier's continually advancing transformation. But it seems there is only one way of out this situation: the Sams must leave the Taschenbiers forever...

The third film based on the most popular and awarded books by Paul Maar.

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Scheduled release: March 2012

Website: www.collinafilm.de

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Collina (D)

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Universum (DE)