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Step into Darkness, A

Original title: Büyük Oyun
Turkey, 2009

Director: Inaç, Atil
Production company: TFT Yapim
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

The young girl Cennet is the sole survivor when her family and her village is
exterminated by US soldiers in the north of Iraq. Weighed down by grief, she sets
out for Kirkuk to find her older brother. Here, she is told that he has been injured
by a bomb and taken to a hospital in Istanbul. She puts her fate in the hands of
human traffickers, who promise to help her over the impassable mountain passes
into Turkey. But when darkness falls, one of the traffickers drags her into a cave and
rapes her. Her despair is unbearable, but her suicide attempt is averted by radical
Islamists, who help her reach Istanbul. But soon, she is in the grips of a charismatic
religious leader, who merely sees her as an instrument for his own violent agenda.
‘A Step into the Darkness’ is a harsh and highly topical human drama about the
consequences of terrorism and its methods.

Buster Copenhagen 2010

Website: buyukoyun.tftyapim.com/index-en.html

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