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Spirit of the Forest

Original title: Espiritu del Bosque
German title: Waldgeister
Spain, 2008

Director: Rubin, David & Pena, Juan Carlos
Production company: Dygra Films
Co-producers: Television de Galicia, Disney Channel
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Animation. A powerful businessman intends to build a highway and the evil Mrs. D’Abondo sees her chance to get rid of the forest. The Oak Tree Carballo and his companions are in danger, and all the animals that shelter among the trees will have to flee. Yet Furi and Linda, the moles, and Piorno, the mouse, don’t intend to give up easily, nor does Cebolo, a town mole who has just moved to the forest. In their adventure, they’ll have the help of the Clan of the Free Cats, spearheaded by Tiger. Even Huhu and Hoho, the troublemaking flies, decide to lend a helping hand. When they find out what Mrs. D’Abondo is afraid of, Furi hatches a scheme to bring the Spirit of the Forest to life.

Giffoni 2008, Chicago 2008 (awarded), Sprockets Toronto 2009 (awarded), Lucas Frankfurt 2009, Nueva Mirada Buenos Aires 2009

Website: www.dygrafilms.com

World sales address/es:
Fantastic Films Int. (USA)

Sold to:
Manga (ESP)