A new Horizon research project

The REBOOT project – Reviving, Boosting, Optimising and Transforming European Film Competitiveness, is a new Horizon research project launched in summer 2023, focusing on empowering European film competitiveness and national policies. Headed by the University of Vienna in partnership with 11 universities (9 EU and 3 non-Eu countries), the project aims to connect the existing strengths, to identify and overcome weaknesses and plan for future competitiveness in the fields of film policy, practice and experience, towards providing a full set of knowledge of the European film industry.

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Danish films for children and youth in the 2000s

A special issue of the Danish film journal Kosmorama focuses on Danish films for children and youth in the 2000s. The introduction and first chapter discuss recent trends as well as current challenges in a small nation film culture with 25% of the public film financing earmarked for children and adolescents, based on findings from an investigation of the films supported by the Danish Film Institute since 2000 as well as a number of interviews with people working with children’s films in Denmark (published as individual interviews in the issue).

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Children’s Media Lives in different European Countries

Data on children’s viewing habits is useful for both the development and distribution of children’s films. We therefore take a look here at irregular intervals at qualitative or quantitative studies that are dedicated to children’s media life in various countries. After Denmark, now Germany and Great Britain.

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Children as documentarians of the COVID-19 pandemic

This chapter from the book Documentary in the Age of COVID investigates the making of the film Dengang Danmark lukkede ned (Lockdown – A Children’s Story, 2020) which was initiated by the children’s film festival Buster and The National Museum of Denmark with the intention to have Danish children document and share their experience of life during lockdown.

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