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Star Talers, The

Original title: Sterntaler
German title: Sterntaler
Germany, 2011

Director: Heland, Maria
Production company: Bavaria Filmverleih- & Produktions GmbH
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

In the village where ten year old Mina lives you can only find children and old people. The coldhearted king has abducted all the other men and women and put them to work in his dungeons. The remaining villagers are desperate. In a final attempt to mollify the king, brave little Mina sets off on a long journey to his castle. With the last two pieces of silver left in the village she is going to attempt to buy back her parents and the other prisoners. On the way, with her helpfulness and naievity, she melts the hearts of an unhappy forester, a mysterious ferryman and a sad mother. The king however, proves to be a more difficult task.

The film was produced by the German public TV within a series of fairy tales movies for children.

Marketing strategies:
Loosely based on the story by the Brothers Grimm.

Munich 2011, Cinekid Amsterdam 2011, Münster 2011, Chicago 2011 (awarded)

World sales address/es:
Telepool / Global Screen (DE)

Sold to:
Kinderkanal (D)