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Storm – Letter of Fire

Original title: Storm Letters van Vuur
German title: Storm und der verbotene Brief
Netherlands, 2017

Director: Bots, Dennis
Production company: Phanta Basta!
Co-producers: Bulletproof Cupid, Iris Productions, NTR
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 105 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Antwerp 1521, during the Reformation. 12-year-old Storm Voeten, son of printer Klaas Voeten, becomes the target of a hunt by the Inquisition. Aided by Marieke, a mysterious girl living in the underground sewers of Antwerp, Storm is caught in a race against time to save his father from death.

This historical family film dramatizes the events behind the Reformation and it takes place against the background of the late Middle Ages, particularly the 16th century reformation, when freedom of speech was under threat in Europe. Thanks in part to the rise of the printing press, this led to a dangerous struggle for power and significant political, religious, economic and social changes. For the first time, it became possible for people to spread their ideas on a large scale, comparable to the rise of social media in our time.

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Based on the book by Karen van Holst Pellekaan

Europees Jeugdfilmfestival Vlaanderen Antwerp & Brugge 2017, Luxembourg 2017, BUFF Malmö 2017, Kristiansand 2017, Zlin 2017, Emden Aurich Norderney IFF 2017, Kids Film Festival Warsaw 2017, Buster Copenhagen 2017, Cinekid Amsterdam 2017, Kinderfilmfest Muenster 2017, Oulu CFF 2017 (awarded), Golden Elephant India 2017, China ICFF 2017, KinderKinoFest Duesseldorf 2017, Cinepänz Cologne 2017, Ale Kino! Poznan 2017 (awarded), Smile IFF New Delhi 2017, Hof CFF 2018, Freeze Frame CFF Winnipeg 2018, Espoo Ciné Junior 2018, Kids Kino Festival Warsaw 2019

Website: www.facebook.com/Stormdefilm

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World sales address/es:
Incredible Film (NL)

Sold to:
Dutch Film Works (NL)
Jef (BE)
Farbfilm-Verleih (DE)
Iris (LUX)
Matthias-Film (D)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)