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Sune vs Sune

Original title: Sune vs Sune
German title: Sune vs Sune
Sweden, 2018

Director: Holmberg, Jon
Production company: Unlimited Stories AB
Co-producers: SVT, Nordisk Film
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 89 min.
Film genre: Feature film

On his first day as a fourth-grader, Sune is welcomed by an unwanted surprise. A new boy is in his seat, and he's everything Sune wants to be. Not only that, but his name is also Sune - it's the worst possible start to the fourth grade. Sune must use all his cunning to stop Sophie from breaking up with him and choosing the other Sune. At the same, Håkan notices that his big brother is about to enter the boring adult world, their dad Rudolf has a midlife crisis and wants to quit his job to pursue a career in music and their mum Karin glares jealously at the new Sune's perfect mum and her even more perfect car. Welcome to the Anderssons.

Nominated for the Guldbagge Award, Berlin Generation 2019, Leeds Young Film Festival 2019, Kristiansand CFF 2019, Molodist Kyiv 2019, Pula IFF 2019, IFI Family Festival Dublin 2019, Sarajevo IFF 2019, Bremen CFF 2019, Buster CFF Copenhagen 2019, Michel CFF Hamburg 2019, Cinekid Amsterdam 2019 (awarded), Nordic Filmdays Luebeck 2019, Chicago CFF 2019, Vienna CFF 2019, Steiermark CFF Graz 2019, Ale Kino! Poznan 2019 (awarded), Athens CFF 2019 (awarded), JEF CFF Vlaanderen 2020, Providence CFF 2020, SehPferdchen CFF Hannover 2020, KiKiFe Schwäbisch Gmünd 2020, Taiwan CFF 2020, Riga IFF 2020, Vilnius CFF 2020, Piccolo Grande Cinema CFF Milano 2021

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