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Skymaster, A Flying Family Fairytale

Original title: Der var engang en dreng – som fik en lillesøster med vinger
German title: Es war einmal ein Junge, der eine kleine Schwester mit Flügeln bekam
Denmark, 2006

Director: Wikke, Michael & Rasmussen, Steen
Production company: Græsted Film & Fjernsyn ApS
Age recommendation: 7 years and up

Ten-year-old Kalle is overjoyed – as are his father Palle and his mother Trille – when his little sister Lille is born. But there are two strange folds of skin protruding from her back. Kalle is convinced: these are wings and he will teach his sister how to fly. But doctors and social workers badger the parents Palle and Trille into surgically removing the “skin folds” on Lille’s back. Kalle has little time to prevent the operation. Directing duo Wikke & Rasmussen has once again created a work of fun cinema action, filled with bonbon-coloured images, surreal twists in the plot and extravagant musical interludes. Wikke & Rasmussen, who make a cameo appearance in “Skymaster…” as terrifying surgeons, had enchanted the audience in Lübeck in 2001 with “The Flying Granny”, which was awarded the Prize of the Children’s Jury.

Luebeck 2007, Antwerp/Brugge 2008

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