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Save the Tree

Original title: Salvar el árbol / Zutik
German title: Save the Tree
Spain, 2021

Director: Álvarez, Iker & Pastor, Haizea
Production company: Baleuko, Tortuga Studios, Polar Studio
Length: 80 min.
Film genre: Animation

In the forests of the Pyrenees, there are still people who tell stories of trees... of fantastic beings with powers beyond our imagination. And with those trees, from the very moment in which their seeds sprout, a pixie becomes their inseparable companion: together will grow, they will bloom, they will suffer... their destinies shall be forever bound. They born and they die together... or at least that’s what old legends say.

These pixies are invisible to humans. There was a time when boys and girls could see them, they were even friends from games and adventures. But ... at some point the boys and girls were distancing themselves from nature and lost that relationship. Today trees and pixies in the park are in danger, technology is going to replace them. They can only be saved if they get children to reconnect with them and with nature.

Trees die, and with them, so do their pixies. There’s only one way to help them... Save the tree!

Goya Awards 2021: Nominated for Best Animated Film, Platino Awards (nomination), Valencia CFF 2022

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Filmax International (E)

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Filmax International (E)