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Send more Candy

Original title: Send mere slik
German title: Schickt mehr Süsses - Null Bock auf Landluft
Denmark, 2001

Director: Holbek Trier, Caecilia
Production company: Crone Film Production
Co-producers: Migma-Film AB, Stockholm
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

At first, 11-year-old Anjelica and nine-year-old Lone feel more like a couple of fish out of water here in the country. After all, these two sisters come from the big metropolis Copenhagen and are used to a much more hip kind of lifestyle than one generally encounters out in the sticks.The girls have come here to spend their summer holidays on a farm; it’s not hard to imagine their disappointment when they finally get out of the train at what feels like the end of the world after a seemingly never-ending train journey.

The girls are enthusiastically welcomed by their great-aunt Hortensia and great-uncle Rasmus and driven to the farm in a ancient horse-drawn carriage.How old-fashioned everything is . . . and so filthy! And what a peculiar smell! For two pins the two girls would turn around and go straight back where they came from.

After a while, however, they begin to become accustomed to their new environment and, before long, they even start to enjoy looking after the animals. Even the food – which at first seemed dull and inedible – begins to appeal to them. Then, one day, the girls are horrified to learn that relatives from the neighbouring farm are hoping to shunt Uncle Rasmus and Aunt Hortensia off to an old people’s home so that they can get their hands on their property. Something must be done to stop this, Anjelica and Lone
decide, it’s just not fair – and so they hatch a plot . . . (Kinderfilmfest Berlin 2002)

Marketing strategies:
76.000 admissions in Denmark.

Sandnes 2001, Berlin 2002, Antwerp 2002 (almost awarded), Malmö 2002, Chicago 2002, Augsburg 2002, Vienna 2002, Cinepaenz Cologne 2002, Olympia/Greece 2002, Buenos Aires 2003 (special mention), Vienna 2011

Website: www.sf-film.dk/sms

World sales address/es:
Cronefilm (DK)

Sold to:
Matthias-Film (D)
Svensk Filmindustri (DK)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)