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Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage

Original title: Sammy's avonturen: : De geheime doorgang
German title: Sammys Abenteuer
Belgium, 2010

Director: Stassen, Ben
Production company: nWave Pictures, Illuminate Pictures
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

3D-Animation. – Sammy's Adventures is the story of a sea turtle from hatchling to maturity. Full of humour, this epic journey starts in 1959 and ends today. Sammy spends the first 10 years of his life drifting on the ocean currents with his friend, Ray. Hurt in a fishing incident, he is picked up by a little boy and spends several months as the mascot of a hippie commune on a beach in California. He then decides to travel around the world looking for a girlfriend from his childhood years. Filled with twist and turns, action and drama, the story also has a strong message about our planet and the need to protect our environment.

Cartoon Movie Tribute Award 2010, Giffoni 2010, Sprockets Toronto 2010, nominated for the European Film Award 2010 for the best animated film, Tallinn Black Nights Just Film 2010, GKids New York 2011

Website: www.samy-lefilm.com

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