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Someone like Hodder

Original title: En som Hodder
German title: Hodder rettet die Welt
Denmark, 2002

Director: Genz, Henrik Ruben
Production company: Nordisk Film Production
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Since the death of his mother, nine-year-old Hodder has been living with his father. Hodder’s Dad hangs posters on hoardings by night and has little time for his son at bedtime. One night, a fairy appears to Hodder. She informs him that he has been chosen to save the world. But how on earth is a nine-year-old schoolboy to save the world? Hodder decides the world is far too big a place to handle and so, in order to carry out his mission, he pores over his school atlas to find the smallest island in the world – Guambilua.
Since he will probably need some help on his expedition, he decides that two boys in his class – the cleverest and the strongest – should accompany him. But even this proves more difficult than Hodder had envisaged – one of the boys thinks Hodder’s nothing but a dreamer and doesn’t believe him, whilst the other has enough on his plate on account of his parent’s constant rows. A neighbour, Lola, is the only one who stands by Hodder, who is beginning to think that his mission is just too much to cope with. Just as he begins to lose heart entirely, the fairy appears to him again, encouraging him to do his best, in spite of the fact that his father, his fellowpupils and his teacher all refuse to believe in his mission.Hodder takes heart once more, but then, on the last day of school, his class gives him a particularly hard time and Hodder decides he’s had enough. He runs down to the deserted jetty, where the water glitters and beckons like a silver path, making the trip to Guambilua look like child’s play.Hodder is just about to place his foot on the water’s sparkling surface when he is abruptly pulled back again – it’s Filip, the strongest boy in the class, whose parents are always rowing. He has run after Hodder and is prepared to stand by him. The following night, a messenger appears, ready to take the expedition team to Guambilua. But Hodder and Filip have other plans.

"The jury of the International Federation of Film Societies (FICC) has decided to give the 'Don Quijote' to a film that opens a door to the world of a child. It shows how great children can be, what imagination they can have and what strength they can develop. When seeing this film we meet different persons: Lola, the lady on the street, the boxer Johnson, the lady in the bakery, the angel and above all the father. All of them have their special relationship with Hodder. which makes this film many sided. This film is well planned and well played." (FICC-Jury at Zlin-Festival 2003)

Marketing strategies:
More than 100.000 admissions in Denmark! 12.000 admissions in Gemany.

Berlin 2003, Malmö 2003, Poznan 2003 (awarded), Zlin 2003 (awarded), Cinekid Amsterdam 2003, Buster Copenhagen 2003 (awarded), Chicago 2003 (awarded), London 2003 (awarded), Isfahan 2003 (awarded), Olympia 2003, Antwerp/Brugge 2004, Filmberry Riga 2004, Duesseldorf 2004, Discovery Dundee 2004, Cinemagic Belfast 2004, Buenos Aires 2004 (awarded), Divercine Montevideo 2004 (awarded)

Website: www.dfi.dk/dfi/english/featurefilms/someonelikehodder.html

World sales address/es:
TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

Sold to:
MFA+-Filmverleih (D)
Nordisk Film (DK)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)
Park Junior (NL)
Cineworx (CH)
Tobis (AT)
Kinderkanal (D)
Columbia Tristar (Norway)