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Sweet Evil

Original title: Enfance du Mal, L'
German title: Enfance du Mal, L'
France, 2009

Director: Coussemacq, Oliver
Production company: Local Films
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

Céline is hiding in the outhouse of a judge and his wife, and she is only discovered
after a few weeks. She has run away from her foster parents after her mother has
ended up in prison. But it turns out that it’s not by accident that she has chosen
the house of exactly this judge. Things get exciting when the family hesitates to
get in touch with the social authorities and actually becomes surprisingly friendly
with the lost teenager. Céline quietly and subtly makes herself indispensable, and
this becomes a challenge for both the judge and his wife. The film’s title hints at a
horror movie, and in a way, this is what we get, but the horror takes place entirely
on a psychological level - not in a traditional way with monsters in the woods and
such like. The beast can be found within ourselves, and it moves! It comes to life
as a power struggle, with life’s small actions as its weapons.

Hamburg 2010, Karlovy Vary 2010 (awarded), Mumbai 2010, Thessaloniki 2010, Taipai 2010, Buster Copenhagen 2010

Website: www.lenfancedumal-lefilm.com

World sales address/es:
Urban Distribution Int. (FR)

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