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Seven of Daran, The – The Battle of Pareo Rock

Original title: Zeven van Daran, De – De Strijt om Pareo Rots
German title: Sieben von Daran, Die
Netherlands, 2008

Director: Blok, Lourens
Production company: AAA Pictures
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Jimmy is an 11 year-old European boy who goes to Africa with his mother, a busy executive charged with establishing a golf resort. One day Jimmy gets lost in the town market where he encounters a mysterious speaking giraffe named Seraf. Seraf tells Jimmy about the war situation between rival indigenous tribes fighting over the land. Seraf tells Jimmy that he cannot easily avoid this tribal battle. Together with Charita, a poor African girl, Jimmy embarks on an adventurous and magical trip through the African jungle, where they must overcome many obstacles. Fortunately they have help, not only from Seraf, but also from a precious medallion. Throughout their trip, they discover that they can only achieve their goal if they truly believe in themselves and don’t let anybody or anything get
in their way…

Giffoni 2008, Hamburg 2008, Cinekid Amsterdam 2008, Oulu 2008, London Children's Film Festival 2008, Sprockets Toronto 2009, Zlin 2009, ICFFCY Nikosia/Cyprus 2009

Website: www.aaa-pictures.com

World sales address/es:
Cinemavault (CAN)