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Original title: Samia
German title: Samia
France, 2000

Director: Faucon, Philippe
Production company: Ognon Pictures, Paris
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

Samia is the sixth of eight children of an immigrant Algerian family, who have a strict approach to the education of girls. She lives with her family near Marseilles. Her development into adolescence takes place at the same time as her eldest sister, Amel, is rejected by the family when her brothers discovered that she was seeing a man from a different ethnic background. Samira is a rebellious child who will transgress barriers. Her rebellious energy is harmessed to seize the few opportunities that will allow her to decide for herself how she will live her life.

Olympia 2001

Website: www.pyramidefilms.com/samia

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Flach Pyramide (F)

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Flach Pyramide (F)