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Original title: Glasskår
German title: Einschnitte
Norway/Sweden, 2001

Director: Berg, Lars
Production company: Paradox Productions
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

13-year-old Viktor has a big brother who is his hero and role model.Not only is Ole Kristian a talented ice hockey player, he also knows just what to say to girls and often gives his young brother the odd tip or two. Ole Kristian is Viktor’s strong older brother on whom Viktor can always depend – little does Viktor know how heavily something is weighing on Ole Kristian’s mind. Gradually,Viktor begins to notice that people are behaving rather strangely to his big brother. Viktor begins to wonder, moreover, why Uncle Reidar is hanging around the house so much these days. What on earth is going on between Uncle Reidar and the boys’ mother? One day, Ole Kristian explains to Viktor that he isn’t his real brother at all; he also says that Viktor may soonprove to be the stronger of the two boys after all. Viktor, however, is completely baffled by this statement.

Viktor spends a lot of time with his mates, Roger and Arnor – it’s their dream to form a band together. And then there’s Nadine, whom Viktor likes very much – even though she’s just a girl. One day they meet and Nadine gives Viktor his first kiss. In the meantime, Ole Kristian’s condition gets worse and worse and finally, he has to be admitted to hospital. He has cancer and, eventually, he dies. Following the funeral, a tough task awaits Viktor . . . (Kinderfilmfest Berlin 2002)

A film about first love, loss by death and forbidden fatherhood. In a gentle way, he outlines the maturation of a 12-year-old. (Kinderfilmfest Berlin 2002)

"With its beautifully written screenplay and assured direction we were all reminded of
what it was like to be a child suddenly forced to confront adult issues like death.
So the CIFEJ Jury is proud to present its first prize to Scars, directed by Lars Berg.” (CIFEJ-Jury, Oulu Film Festival 2002)

Berlin 2002 (awarded), Malmö 2002, Stockholm Junior 2002, Giffoni 2002 (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2002, Sandnes 2002, Cinekid Amsterdam 2002, Chicago 2002 (awarded), Luebeck 2002, Espoo Cine 2002, Cinepaenz Cologne (awarded), Oulu 2002 (awarded), Antwerp 2003, Olympia 2003

World sales address/es:
Paradox (Norway)

Sold to:
Svensk FI (NO)
MC One (D)