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Original title: Sonja
German title: Sonja
Germany, 2006

Director: Liimatainen, Kirsi Marie
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

It’s the time, when everything is very fragile, unique and easy to be wounded. Together with her girlfriends, Sonja talks about sex like any other, but for her best friend Julia she tells that she never slept with a boy – not even with her boyfriend, Anton. Sonja notices her new feelings to Julia, but thinks: you can’t be in love with your best girlfriend…Sonja brings a weekend at her Father’s place at the Baltic and after that is nothing like it used to be. The summer is over.

BUFF Malmö 2007 (Special Mention), Kristiansand 2007, Vilnius 2007

Sold to:
Salzgeber (DE)