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Original title: Vorobey
Russia, 2010

Director: Shiller, Yuri
Production company: National Film Center-Studio «XXI Century»
Age recommendation: 15 years and up

The story of a remote Siberian village whose main treasure is beautiful horses. According to a local legend, many years ago some beautiful horses appeared in the village by miracle. Since that time, the herd has been protected by the villagers and were saved even in the times of war and hunger. The chairman of the village council has lost public funds on an unsuccessful business venture and has decided to make up on the losses by selling the herd to a slaughterhouse. Everybody is either afraid to argue or too lazy to speak out. The 10-year-old son of a local shepherd, nicknamed Sparrow, secretly borrows his grandfather's rifle, meets the truck with the horses, holds up his rifle and shouts: Stop or I'll shoot! The chairman cannot stand the challenge and turns back.

Moscow IFF 2010, Zlin 2011

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