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Saxana: The Little Witch on the Broomstick

Original title: Veletrh strasidel
German title: Saxana, die Hexe auf dem Besenstiel
Czech Republic/Germany, 2010

Director: Vorlicek, Vaclav
Production company: Pragofilm
Co-producers: ?eská Televize, Rat Pack, SPI, Trust Norskfilm
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Once upon a time, there was Saxana, a young pupil from the School of Magic, who
escaped from fairyland, fell in love with a mortal and lived happily ever after, keeping her
past a secret from everyone.
That is until, many years later, her daughter Saxanka discovers the magic book and revisits
her mom’s homeland filled with strange creatures and magic!

Scheduled release: September 15th 2011

Marketing strategies:
A fantasy film loosely connected to the 1972 hit The Girl on a Broomstick and utilizing
state-of-art animation technology, the new Saxana adventure is helmed by legendary
Czech fairytale director Vaclav Vorlicek, in coproduction with Rat Pack/Constantin Film

Listapadzik Minsk 2012

Website: www.saxana.info

World sales address/es:
Attraction Distribution (CDN)

Sold to:
Film Europe (CZ)