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Original title: Strings
Denmark, 2004

Director: Klarlund, Anders Rønnow
Production company: Bald Film Production ApS
Co-producers: DR TV Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Age recommendation: 9 years and up

When Prince Hal Tara finds his dead father, the Emperor of Hebalon, apparently slain by their enemy, the Zeriths, he is forced to leave the kingdom swiftly to avenge his death. Disguising himself as a slave he embarks on an epic journey that will see him confronting devastating truths about his past, and facing an uncertain future, destined to result in the loss of many lives. With a rich British voice cast, meticulous production design and alluring cinematography, Strings can't help but impress. The fact that these characters are beautifully crafted marionettes is never hidden from us, and is in fact central to the narrative world constructed around Strings. During the battle scenes, for example, thousands of strings can be seen clearly connecting heaven and earth confirming a sense of total and ultimate control.

"This is a dark, uncompromising fantasy, an oppressive and at times chilling story where losing your head string means losing your life. It is impossible to classify Strings as a film just for children of The Lord of the Rings generation or for adults with an interest in ground breaking fantasy animation because both audiences will find much to take their breath away in this epic celebration of creativity and innovation." Justin Johnson, London International Film Festival 2004

Photo: Steen Donsby

"Strings" is a dramatic tale of adventure, bondage and liberation; of love and war, destiny and vitality, identity and common humanity. For not everything is what it seems in this land of adventure, where the threads of destiny are woven together by unseen hands, and where there appears to be a hidden connection between Earth and Heaven. (Danish Film Institute)

Venice 2004, Barcelona 2004 (awarded), London International Film Festival 2004, Kristiansand 2005, Moscow International Film Festival 2005, Poznan 2005, Espoo 2005 (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2005, Danish Film Academy award 2006 as the best Children and Family Film, Buenos Aires 2006 (awarded)

World sales address/es:
TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

Sold to:
CinéArt (BE)
Haut et Court (F)
Ascot-Elite (CH)
Sandrew (S)
Cirko Films (HU)
AG Market (Art Vision) (SI)
Arthaus (NO)
gkids (USA)