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Original title: Stella
German title: Stella
France, 2008

Director: Verheyde, Sylvie
Production company: Les Films du Veyrier
Co-producers: Arte France Cinéma
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

1977. Stella, 11, lives just outside of Paris in a working class neighborhood. Actually, she lives in a pub, run by her parents. They might be little irresponsible, but certainly not boring. Stella´s best friends are pub´s regulars and her life might be little strange for a girl of her age, but Stella feels secure and loved here. Then, by a beaurocratic accident, Stella is admitted to a prestigious Parisian secondary school. The whole new world opens up for her, far from the one she knows. It is like she landed on Mars. She hates everybody and everybody hates her. Fortunately, she meets Gladys, the daughter of intellectual Argentinean Jews. Her new best friend will help her take her first steps into the real world. This new school year will change Stella´s life forever.

Based on autobiographic elements, the director Sylvie Veheyde tells the story of how confusing and difficult it might be to grow up and find who you really are.

Venice 2008, Ghent 2008, Thessaloniki 2008, Istanbul Int. Film Festival 2009, Kristiansand 2009 (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2009, Ale Kino Poznan 2009, Kinodiseea Bucharest 2010 (awarded), Cine-Jeune St. Quentin 2015 (awarded)

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