“This is how we spent our summers”

There is one thing that all representatives of HOW I LEARNED TO FLY seem to have in common: director Radivoje Andric, producer Maja Popovic Milojevic and actress Klara Hrvanovic have mischievous lights of excitement twinkling in their eyes. Perhaps because they are proud about a Serbian children’s film that is embraced so unanimously. Or perhaps because they are happy with the excellent box office figures that this Central European co-production scores in Serbian cinemas. 

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Peter Budinsky about JOURNEY TO YOURLAND

“Perfection in the imperfections”

The Slovak-Czech animation JOURNEY TO YOURLAND is ambitious in its storytelling and its visual approach. A 3D computer animation with characters looking like hand-made puppets, in whose footsteps we travel from one outrageous universe to the other. 

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Frederik Norgaard about MY ROBOT BROTHER

“I wanted people to feel welcome in a warm future”

School life sucks for 12 year old Alberte with her old android Robbi being such an embarrassment to her. Here comes the perfect birthday present – the newest model of humanoids! New robot Konrad looks and acts completely as if he were human and suddenly Alberte’s popularity spikes as she is now the kid with the most advanced technology at school. But can the connection between Alberte and Konrad hold up to a real friendship?

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Tine Kugler & Günther Kurth about KALLE KOSMONAUT

“We all should have a camera following us for 10 years”

She was a lecturer in media sociology at the University who discovered her passion for film when working on a documentary film; he was a self-employed director, editor and producer. Together Tine Kugler and Günther Kurth (KMOTO production company) have made the touching feature documentary KALLE KOSMONAUT about Pascal, known as ‘Kalle’. With great sympathy and unlimited respect, they lead us into Kalle’s world, primarily characterised by shortcomings.

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Producer Daniel Ehrenberg about THE PATH

“Nature decided to give us a helping hand”

In THE PATH (by Tobias Wiemann) Rolf, his dog Adi and his father are stuck in Southern France having fled from Berlin and the Nazis. Their goal is to travel to New York, where Rolf’s mother is waiting for them. Their only road to freedom is along a steep path across the Pyrenees, guided by the young girl Nuria. When his father gets captured, Rolf and Nuria are suddenly on their own… 

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Andrey Hadjivasilev about THE TESLA CASE

“Kids engaged in science aren’t destined to be losers”

Tony is an aspiring young scientist. But this summer there will be no time for science as he is sent on a summer camp with his classmates and his popular friend Raya. Her charm doesn’t go unnoticed by Victor, one of the boy scouts with whom they mingle during the camp. While the forest and camping site turn into a battle zone for survival games, the two boys also battle for Raya’s attention.

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Janet van den Brand & Timothy Wennekes about WHAT MAKES US BOYS?

“That running through alleys is still like it used to be”

Together with his younger brother, family, and friends, 12 year old Daan is growing up on camera. In WHAT MAKES US BOYS? fragments of Daan’s life are combined with the clips that he posts on his YouTube channel, while his voice is leading us deeper into his inner world. Is it a coming-of-age film? A documentary about the digital world of today? A mosaic of funny and awkward moments?

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Uri Lotan about BLACK SLIDE

“Waiting in line with fear building up slowly”

Eviah sneaks into the water park and prepares for a scary ride on the ‘Black Slide’, the most terrifying ride in Aqua Fun. Queuing in line, the tension is rising. Later that day, a dramatic phone call will change Eviah’s life forever. The short animation BLACK SLIDE has a light-hearted design, but a dark shadow is hanging over all the colourful scenes. That is why Israeli filmmaker Uri Lotan speaks about “a film about childhood, death and adulthood.

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