Engeli Broberg & Gabi about GABI, BETWEEN AGES 8 AND 13

“She took a sip from her coco and started talking…”

Gabi is only 8 years old and wrestles with society’s stereotypes about boys and girls. When her family moves from Stockholm to a rural town, and as puberty kicks in, Gabi must decide whether she wants to fit in with the crowd or chart her own path. Director Engeli Bromberg follows this remarkable personality over the course of five years, creating a moving portrait of a child, averse to gender norms, who’s seeking her place in the world.

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Simon Lereng Wilmont about A HOUSE MADE OF SPLINTERS

“They turned their anger and aggression against themselves”

In his documentary feature A HOUSE MADE OF SPLINTERS, Danish director Simon Lereng Wilmont leads us into everyday life in a Ukrainian children’s home in the city of Lysychansk, about 15 kilometres from the front line, into the separatist regions. Here, a small group of strong-willed social workers work tirelessly in a special orphanage, to create an almost magical safe space for kids to live.

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Alexis Morante about OLIVER’S WORLD

“Difficult with adults but easy with children”

It’s hard to say what is the biggest barrier in Oliver’s life, his overvivid imagination or his good-for-nothing father. How will the boy escape the curse that seems to hang over all the men in his family, turning them into spineless beings? Will the solution be in kissing the sweet gypsy girl Irene, or will it be in Haley’s comet that is approaching? In OLIVER’S WORLD, we embark on a journey that starts in Andalucia but ends somewhere among the stars.

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Agnieszka Dabrowska about TOO OLD FOR FAIRYTALES

“I’d rather walk out of the fog by myself”

Soon Waldek will have other things to focus on than e-sport tournaments. The coming of his eccentric Auntie makes him shiver with fear, as she is ready to cut a few ropes that tie him to his overprotective mother and help him to become a man who can face the world. Overwhelmed by her demandingness, there is yet another secret about his mum ready to be revealed.

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“Sweet combined with spicy”

In her coming-of-age film RASPBERRIES WITH MUSTARD German director Ruth Olshan tells a fantastically exaggerated story about first love and the importance of family. With bizarre situation comedy, she describes the trials and tribulations of falling in love for the first time, but also deals sensitively with the taboo of death. What do love and flying have in common? That sooner or later there might be a crash. 

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Laura Vahtre about THE SLEEPING BEAST

“Things could drop on our heads”

Kristjan and his friends, living in a grey Estonian hamlet, try to escape from summer boredom, hanging around playing in an abandoned old factory. Carried away by their fantasy and the gossip stories about the security guard on the terrain, they lure the old man into a trap. Despite its playful setting, THE SLEEPING BEAST story is rather dark and gritty, because of the children’s unscrupulous actions, and the oppressive power dynamics among them, agrees young actress Laura Vahtre.

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“A bunch of weirdly fascinating details”

In her new film FROM THAT MOMENT ON, EVERYTHING CHANGED Dutch filmmaker Eef Hilgers chooses a form that is as original as it is effective, to let children talk about how their parents told them about an impending divorce. In a clinical, laboratory-like setting, she tries in all kinds of ways to recreate that profound moment. The result is heartbreaking, but also incredibly powerful.

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Cedric Igodt about WITCHFAIRY

“Wand in hand”

A fairy trips across a carpet of flowers into the dark forest. What would a pink fairy have to do in a witch forest? Rosemary has had her fill of the sugary fairy life in the pink castle above the clouds and is irresistibly drawn to a wilder world. But Rosemary’s mother rules the witches’ castle and is not willing to let her daughter go.

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