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Seekers, The: Thrill Night

Original title: Forsvundet til Halloween
German title: Verschwunden an Halloween
Denmark, 2021

Director: Pedersen, Philip Th.
Production company: Copenhagen Bombay
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 87 min.
Film genre: Feature film

For many years, Halloween was a special time for siblings Asger (12) and Petra (10) and their neighbor/best friend Esther (12). This year it’s different. Asger and Petra’s father recently passed away, and this was their special tradition. Asger wants to stay home, Esther wants to go to a party, and Petra wants to continue the tradition of trick-o-treating. Unable to let Petra go by herself, the parents force them to celebrate together. But, in a split second, Petra disappears without a trace.

Meanwhile, burglars are roaming the town stalking for the next home to burglarize. They encounter Petra and the game of cat & mouse begins. They end up at an abandoned house where Petra must find a way to out-smart the burglars. At the same time, Asger and Esther must overcome all obstacles on Halloween night to find Petra and return home safely.

Buster Copenhagen CFF 2021, Just Film Tallinn 2021, Bangladesh CFF Dhaka 2022, Leeds Young Film Festival 2022, BUFF Malmö 2022 (awarded), Zlin CFF 2022, BIKY CFF Busan 2022, Kids Kino CFF Warsaw 2022, Schlingel CFF Chemnitz 2022 (awarded), Filem'on CFF Brussels 2022, Chicago CFF 2022, Vienna CFF 2022

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