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Summer of ‘62

Original title: Cartouches Gauloises
France, Algeria, 2007

Director: Charef, Mehdi
Production company: KG Productions
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

1962. The last spring of Algerian war. Summer is next and the country is set to obtain independence from France. 11 year old boy Ali sells newspapers. His world is made up of children and war. In his daily routine there are shootings and the violence of “pacification”.
There is also the absence of his father who, according to his mother, is working in France. There is a movie theatre where Ali repeats the dialogues of LOS OLVIDADOS, a film that he knows by heart. And there is Nico, his best friend and the hut they built together. There are Algerians being executed and French going back home, one after the other. There is Ali’s mother who enfolds him with love, strength and dignity, while waiting for freedom and the return of her man. Ali and Nico see their worlds changing but pretend that Nico will never go away.

Cannes 2007, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2008 (awarded)

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Pathé France