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ECFA Award Winner

Some Dogs Bite

Original title: Some Dogs Bite
German title: Getretene Hunde
Great Britain, 2010

Director: Munden, Marc
Production company: Kindle Entertainment
Age recommendation: 16 years and up

When is it right to steal a baby? When you’re a Social Worker? When you’re a Police Officer?

Or when you’re the only real family he’s got left in the world?

It’s a crime to steal a baby but what if he is your brother? Fourteen year-old Casey thinks his family should be together, so when his mother dies he snatches his baby brother from foster care and goes on the run in search of his estranged dad, forcing his older brother, H, to join them.

The journey becomes an odyssey across contemporary Britain, with the band of brothers collecting other dispossessed characters along the way - a young soldier just back from Afghanistan who never knew his own parents but is determined to be a good dad to his newly born daughter, beautiful black Venetia on a mission to get payback from every cheating stepdad that ever crossed her path, best-friend-since-nursery Seema who is taking this crazy detour with Venetia before heading to uni and a stranded sheep rescued by Casey from certain death.

Casey thinks that if he finds his dad everything will be alright. The police and social services think that Casey is a criminal. H thinks Casey is off his head, but Casey just thinks they should be a family.

Schlingel Chemnitz 2011 (ECFA Award)

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Kindle (GB)