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Story of Leo, The

Original title: Storia di Leo, La
Italy, 2008

Director: Cambi, Mario
Production company: Esse&Bi Cinematografica, Dujass Film
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Leo, a vegetarian lion, is an outcast. One day he meets Avoria, the queen of a herd of elephants as she gives birth to two twins with intertwined tails. Avoria is the widow of
elephant Ele, who has been mysteriously
murdered. She’s being courted by Zanco, a white elephant who wants to marry her to become king. A series of misadventures separate Avoria and twins. Leo, forced into the role of father, must cross the savannah in search of the mythical Milk Lake in order to feed the cubs. The group is joined by Cobo, a lively old antelope, Little Gnu, Little Zebra, Little Monkey and Little Leopard. Whether the magic spot actually exists is not certain, and Leo needs to seek the counsel of Camea, the great actress of the jungle stage. Finally Leo must challenge Zanco.

Giffoni 2008

Website: www.dujassfilm.com

World sales address/es:
Adriana Chiesa Enterpridr srl