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Original title: Saimir
Italy, 2004

Director: Munzi, Francesco
Production company: Orisa Produzioni, Roma
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Originally from Albania, 16-year-old Saimir lives in a rough suburb on the coast of Lazio. He lives with his father, Edmond, who is a much feared trafficker of illegal immigrants. Saimir continues, against his will, to help his father. Seeing as he is a widower, Edmond is trying to biuld a new life with a new partner. Saimir finds it not only difficult to get on with his father, but also his friends - especially Michaela, who he is in love with. Edmond's shady dealings put Saimir's life at a risk leading to a tragic end.

Berlin 14plus 2005, Buster Copenhagen 2005, Du Grain á Dèmoudre Gonfreville l'Orcher 2005, Zlin 2006 (awarded), Castellinaria Bellinzona 2006

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