The European Children’s Film Network

The European Children’s Film Network is a database service offered by ECFA (European Children’s Film Association). The databases for this network we started after the “1st European Conference on the Distribution of Films for the Young Audience”, that we organised in November 1999 at Konstanz/Germany in cooperation with Bundesverband Jugend und Film (BJF), the German federation of film clubs for children and young people.

These databases are meant as a source of information on European high-quality films for children and young people in order to help to improve their distribution and the marketing all over Europe and to other continents as well.



The website was started in 1999, so we cover most films for children that were produced in European countries since that year, including some films that were produced a few years earlier, but appeared at festivals or in distributions in 1999 or later.

The maintaining of these databases is a service provided by ECFA and not funded by nobody else. So there is no big staff behind this website, but the work of a few individuals. Therefore we can not claim to be perfect. If you miss something or you find some incorrect information or you miss a certain film please let us know and we will improve it. But first we hope you find here what you are looking for.