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Where is Winky's Horse?

English title: Where is Winky's Horse?
Original title: Waar is het Paard van Sinterklaas?
German title: Wo ist Winkys Pferd?
Netherlands, Belgium, 2007

Director: Kamp, Mischa
Production company: BosBros
Co-producers: MMG, Asse, ARWO Jengdrama, Hilversum
Age recommendation: 5 years and up

Saint Nicholas has gone back to Spain. He won't be back until next year. In the meantime, Winky takes care of his horse Amerigo. She takes riding lessons on a pony called Naf-Naf, and Aunty Cor and Uncle Siem teach her everything they know about horse grooming.

Winky loves riding Naf-Naf, but something gnaws at her: she very much wants to ride Amerigo. However, Uncle Siem and Aunty Cor won't let her. They say the horse is much too big. Winky finds this hard to accept.

At home, there is a surprise for Winky: her mother is pregnant. Winky likes the idea of getting a baby sister or brother, but she also feels a bit awkward about it. Things get especially complicated when her mother is admitted to hospital with high blood pressure. Winky feels left alone, but fortunately she finds comfort with Amerigo. She so very much wants to ride him!

One day, when there is no one at the farm, Winky does something naughty and sneaky, with terrible consequences. Amerigo escapes... On her bike, Winky races after him, into the dunes, but the horse is gone.
What will happen now?

A sequel to the world side success Winky's Horse.

Cinekid Amsterdam 2007, Berlin Generation 2008, Reel 2 Real Vancouver 2008, Istanbul International Film Festival 2008, Montreal 2008, Kristiansand 2008, Stockholm Junior 2008, Hannover 2008, Sprockets Toronto 2008, Zlin 2008 (awarded), Munich 2008, Giffoni 2008, London Int. Film Festival 2008, Chicago 2008 (awarded), Cinepaenz Cologne 2008, Nicosia/Cyprus 2008, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2008, Vienna 2008, , Reel Fun Film Festival Calgary/Canada 2009, Augsburg 2009, Dhaka/Bangla Desh 2011, Steiermark 2012

Website: www.waarishetpaardvansinterklaas.nl

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World sales address/es:
Attraction Distribution (CDN)

Sold to:
Warner Bros (NL)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)
In The Air (NL)