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Kirikou and the Wild Animals

English title: Kirikou and the Wild Animals
Original title: Kirikou et les betes sauvages
German title: Kiriku und die wilden Tiere
France, 2005

Director: Ocelot, Michel & Galup, Bénédicte
Production company: Les Amateurs
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

The 2nd Kirikou-movie: From the depth of his Blue Cave, Kirikou's Grandfather declares: "The story of Kirikou and the Witch" was too short. There was no time to tell all that Kirikou has accomplished. For he has accomplished many fine things, which it would be wrong to forget. Listen, then as I tell you more tales of Kirikou." And so Kirikou's Grandfather starts to tell how the clever little boy learnt to become a gardener, a detective, a maker of pottery, a merchant, a traveller and a doctor whilst remaining as ever the smallest and bravest of heroes.

Animation, release in France in December 2005.

Marketing strategies:
More than 2.000.000 admissions in France!

Cannes 2005 (special pre-screening with excerpts), Hannover 2006, Cinekid Amsterdam 2006, Muenster 2006, Vienna 2006, Chicago 2006 (awarded), Discovery Dundee 2006, Duesseldorf 2006, Buenos Aires 2006 (awarded), Hof 2007, BUFF Malmö 2007

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