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English title: Wallay
Original title: Wallay
German title: Wallay – Heimat
France, 2017

Director: Goldblat, Berni
Production company: bathysphere
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 84 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Ady, a 13 years old boy, no longer listens to his father who raises him alone. The latter, running out of resources, decides to entrust Ady to his uncle Amadou for the summer.
Uncle Amadou and his family live on the other side of the Mediterranean sea... in Burkina Faso!
There, at 13 years, one must become a man but Ady, persuaded to go on holidays, understands things differently...

Berlinale Generation 2017, Cannes Ecran Junior 2017, Zlin 2017, Cinekid Amsterdam 2017 (awarded), Filem'On Brussels 2017, Chicago CFF 2017, Vienna CFF 2017(awarded), China ICFF 2017, Kinderfilmfestival Steiermark 2017, Olympia Pyrgos CFF 2017 (awarded), Bangladesh CFF Dhaka 2018 (awarded), Nominated for the EFA Young Audience Award 2018, IFF du Premier Film Annonay 2018, Luxembourg IFF 2018, Freeze Frame CFF Winnipeg 2018, Youngabout Bologna 2018, BUFF Malmö 2018, European Young Audience Award 2018, Cinema in Sneakers Warsaw 2018, La Matatena CFF Mexico City 2018, Dytiatko CFF Kharkiv 2018, Kids Film Festival Warsaw 2018, Carrousel Rimouski 2018, Olympia CFF Pyrgos 2018, Ale Kino! CFF Poznan 2018, Zoomz Luzern 2019

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