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Je Suis Karl

English title: Je Suis Karl
Original title: Je Suis Karl
German title: Je Suis Karl
Germany, 2021

Director: Schwochow, Christian
Production company: Pandora
Co-producers: Negativ Film Productions, WDR, ARD Degeto, RBB, Arte
Age recommendation: 14 years and up
Length: 126 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Somewhere in Berlin. Not just some day – today.

A parcel in a hallway.

ALEX, a husband and father of three, leaves his flat to get wine from his car. In the confusion that follows, he's torn from the routine of everyday life and fails to ever find his footing again.

MAXI, his daughter and a strong young woman, sets out into what might pass as life. It’s a brutal weaning process though, and she ends up angry and demanding answers.

KARL set off long ago. He is beguiling, smart as a whip and has the answers Maxi craves. He entices her in, recognising her rage and provides the requisite outlet. Part of a growing radical movement, he dances with her on a razor's edge.

Today in Berlin. Tomorrow in Prague. Soon in Strasbourg and all across Europe.

This is a power grab.

Berlin IFF 2021, Golden Sparrow CFF Gera/Erfurt 2022

Study guide: German

World sales address/es:
Match Factory (DE)

Sold to:
Pandora (DE)