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Two Buddies and a Badger 2 - The Great Big Beast

English title: Two Buddies and a Badger 2 - The Great Big Beast
Original title: Knutsen & Ludvigsen 2 - Det Store Dyret
German title: Two Buddies and a Badger 2 - The Great Big Beast *
Norway, 2020

Director: Spaans, Rune & Enger, Gunhild
Production company: Tordenfilm AS
Co-producers: Quisten Animation
Age recommendation: 4 years and up
Length: 78 min.
Film genre: Animation

Life in the tunnel is going well for Tootson, Ludiwood and Badger-oh! A life of singing, eating jam and friendly teasing. But one day they are visited by a stern Train Conductor who wants to evict them. Tunnels are for trains, not people, she says. But Tootson & Ludiwood have an idea: Tootson’s grandfather, the legendary pirate Captain Tootson, can surely save them. But where is he?

Their search for Captain Tootson takes the best friends to the most incredible places, and wherever they travel, they end up in trouble - with hungry polar bears, extreme licorice candy, aggressive cherubs and expired vintage cod liver oil. But it turns out that help is closer than they think, at home in the tunnel, and it has a hundred heads and more than fourteen legs...

CGI Animated Feature Film

Marketing strategies:
Based on the universe of Kjell Aukrust and the book “Solan og Ludvigs jul” by Harald Sommerin Simonnæs.

The first film had more than 220.000 admissions in Norway

Tromsø CFF 2020, Anima IFF Brussels 2023

Study guide: Norwegian

World sales address/es:
Sola Media (DE)

Sold to:
Norsk (N)