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Invisibles, The

English title: Invisibles, The
Original title: Unsichtbaren, Die
German title: Unsichtbaren, Die
Germany, 2017

Director: Räfle, Claus
Production company: cine plus Filmproduktion GmbH, Look! Filmproduktion
Co-producers: Gauger Film
Age recommendation: 12 years and up
Length: 110 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Berlin, February 1943: The NS regime declares the Reich’s capital “free of Jews”. At this point in time, 7000 Jews have succeeded in going underground. Almost 1700 will survive the horrors of the war in Berlin. THE INVISIBLES tells the stories of four of these contemporary witnesses. Hanni Lévy, who has just turned 17, has lost both of her parents. Thanks to her dyed blonde hair, she is practically invisible to her pursuers, and strolls along the Ku’damm to pass the time away. Cioma Schönhaus has also gone underground and leads an adventurous life that consists of buying a sailboat, dining in Berlin’s best restaurants, and becoming a forger of passports, through which he saves the lives of dozens of other Jews. And while Eugen Friede joins a resistance group that distributes anti-government leaflets, Ruth Arndt dreams about a life in America during the daytime; at night, she pretends to be a war widow and serves black-market gourmet foods in the apartment of an NS officer. The dramatic re-enactments are intertwined with impressive interviews with the actual people whose lives inspired this film. The two levels blend together into an intensive, emotionally moving feature film and a historical tribute to the witnesses – of whom two are still alive.

Festival Contact: Renate Zylla,

Hamburg IFF 2017, Schlingel Chemnitz 2018, Cape Verde IFF 2018, Bahamas IFF 2018, Denver 2018, Festival Internacional de Cine de Iquique 2018, Hainan IFF 2018 (awarded), Oulu CFF 2018 (awarded), Castellinaria Bellinzona 2018, JEF Festival Flanders 2019, Freeze Frame CFF Winnipeg 2019, Buster CFF Copenhagen 2019, Augenblick Filmfestival Strassbourg 2019

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