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Rain Children, The

English title: Rain Children, The
Original title: Enfants de la Pluie, Les
France/South Corea, 2002

Director: Leclerc, Philippe
Production company: Belokan
Co-producers: France 2 Cinema, Studio Hahn Shim
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Animation. Two tribes are hereditary enemies: the Pyross, who worship the sun; and the Hydross, people of the rain. A young Pyross warrior embarks on a mission to find out why.

240.000 admissions after 4 weeks in France, already sold to Benelux, Italy and Russia

Lucas Frankfurt 2004

Study guide: Flemish

Study guide: French

World sales address/es:
MK2 (FR)

Sold to:
Jef (BE)
MK2 (FR)
Mont-Blanc (CH)
Barton (ESP)
Le Parc (BE)
Mikado Film (I)