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What the Finn?! - A Summer of Surprises

English title: What the Finn?! - A Summer of Surprises
Original title: Kannawoniwasein
German title: Kannawoniwasein
Germany, 2023

Director: Westerwelle, Stefan
Production company: Lieblingsfilm
Age recommendation: 10 years and up
Length: 94 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Finn (10) feels lonely and forgotten. Since his parents’ divorce, he travels back and forth between his two homes by train. On his first unaccompanied journey, he is robbed by a man on the train and later meets the energetic 12-year-old Jola by chance. A wild ride on a stolen tractor to the Baltic Sea begins as they are searched for by the police. They overcome dangerous traps, meet many interesting people and, above all, get to know themselves.

Marketing strategies:
Based on a German children’s book.

Zlin CFF 2023 (awarded), Golden Sparrow CFF Gera/Erfurt 2023

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Playmaker (DE)

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Weltkino (DE)