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Winnetou's Son

English title: Winnetou's Son
Original title: Winnetous Sohn
German title: Winnetous Sohn
Germany, 2015

Director: Erkau, André
Production company: Kinderfilm GmbH
Co-producers: ZDF, Der Kinderkanal
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Short, chubby and pale… Max (10) looks far from an Indian, but is obsessed by Indian lifestyle and tradition. While his parents are about to get separated, Max seeks comfort in his own world, dreaming himself as the son of Winnetou, a role he is offered in a theatre play at the Karl May Festival.

Then enters Morten, a boy dressed in clothes as black as his thoughts. Morten doesn’t care about Indians, nor about Max, but Max can’t stop dreaming: if they become blood brothers, maybe he can get both Morten and his parents back on track.

Marketing strategies:
"Der besondere Kinderfilm"

Zlin 2015, Golden Sparrow CFF Erfurt/Gera 2015, IFI Family Festival 2015, Buster Copenhagen 2015, Schlingel Chemnitz 2015, Cinekid Amsterdam 2015, Listapadzik Minsk 2015, Oulu 2015, Jeugdfilmfestival Vlaanderen 2016

Website: www.winnetous-sohn-der-film.de

Study guide: German

World sales address/es:
Mideu Films (DE)

Sold to:
Weltkino (DE)
Luna-Filmverleih (AT)