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English title: Ikingut
Original title: Ikingut
German title: Ikingut
Iceland, Norway, Denmark, 2000

Director: Erlingsson, Gisli-Snaer
Production company: Icelandic Film Corporation
Co-producers: Zentropa Productions
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Iceland many centuries ago in a small village on the north coast. One night the villagers see a strange creature outside. For they are afraid of everything "strange" might be some demon, they try to kill the creature. During a heavy snow storm the "creature" saves the life of Boa, the son of the village's priest. The creature turns out to be an Inuit (Eskimo) boy, who was blown by the storm from Greenland to Iceland. Boa and the Eskimo become friend, but the ancient society still is afraid of strangers...

An excellent film with a simple story. One of the kind we need when we want to explain our children what means tolerance towards different cultures.

Berlin 2001, Montreal 2001 (CIFEJ-Prize), Poznan 2001 (2nd Prize), Munich 2001, Cinekid Amsterdam 2001, Luebeck 2001, Vienna 2001, Sandnes 2001, Oulu 2001, Laon 2002, Zlin 2002, Augsburg 2002, Cinepaenz Cologne 2002, Münster 2003, Istanbul 2003

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World sales address/es:
Icelandic Film (IS)
Attraction Distribution (CDN)
Icelandic Film Centre (IS)

Sold to:
Park Junior (NL)
Matthias-Film (D)
Folkets Bio (SE)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)
Eurozoom (F)
Jef (BE)