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Piccolo & Saxo

English title: Piccolo & Saxo
Original title: Piccolo & Saxo
German title: Piccolo & Saxo
France, 2006

Director: Villamazir, Marco
Production company: Millimages, Haut et Court
Co-producers: France 3 Cinéma
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Planet Music is a mess. All the instrument families have fought with each other. It all started with the mysterious disappearance of the F, G, and C notes, and obviously each of the families accuses the others of stealing them. In short, it’s a cacophony: everyone plays alone in their own corner and no one will hear a word about the Large Orchestra. But when a wind instrument, Piccolo, becomes the best friend of a horn, Saxo, D note can’t believe it. If these two are pals and they decide to set out together to find the notes, music is at the end of the road. The three of them then set off on a big adventure fraught with difficulties and dangers. The search for harmony is no easy thing! Here they are caught in the hands of the Strings, crazy aristocrats and note pillagers. Then there is the mad Percussion Set who nearly runs them over. What a nightmare! They’ve barely recovered when they meet Suzy Snare Drum, who accepts to lead them to the Land of Silence, a cemetery for worn out instruments from which no one has ever returned. It’s here that the plot truly thickens: trapped by the cunning Metronome, the watchman, they succumb to contagious sleepiness… before waking up in the lair of Dr Hammer, a mad inventor and tyrannical recycler of sounds and instruments. The score is far from pitch perfect, even though the notes have never been so close.


Chemnitz 2007, Gijon 2007

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