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Captain Morten

English title: Captain Morten
Original title: Captain Morten and the Spider Queen
German title: Captain Morten
Ireland, Estonia, Belgium, Great Britain, 2018

Director: Jancis, Kaspar & Nicholson, Henry
Production company: Nukufilm, Telegael, Grid VFX, Calon
Length: 76 min.
Film genre: Animation

A young boy learns to take control over his life when he is shrunk to the size of an insect and has to sail his own toy boat through a flooded café. Morten has to be shrunk down before he can grow up.

Animafest Zagreb 2018, Galway Film Fleadh 2018, Fantoche Baden 2018, Kids Film Festival Warsaw 2018, Schlingel Chemnitz 2018 (awarded), Cinemagic Belfast 2018, Cinekid Amsterdam 2018, Filem'On Brussels CFF 2018, Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2018, Kinodisea Bucharest 2018, Juniorfest Plzen 2018, Cinepaenz Cologne 2018, JEF Festival Flanders 2019, Anima Brussels 2019, Leeds Young Film Festival 2019, Munich CFF 2019, Kids Kino Festival Warsaw 2019, Buster CFF Copenhagen 2019, Rolan Bykow CFF Yerevan 2019, Taiwan CFF 2020

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Sola Media (DE)

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New Horizons (PL)