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Ainbo – Spirit of the Amazon

English title: Ainbo – Spirit of the Amazon
Original title: Ainbo – Spirit of the Amazon
German title: Ainbo – Spirit of the Amazon
Netherlands, Peru, 2021

Director: Claus, Richard & Zelada, Jose
Production company: Tunche Films, Katuni Animation
Co-producers: Cool Beans, EPIC
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Length: 89 min.
Film genre: Animation

A girl was born and grew up in the deepest jungle of the Amazon, Candámo. She lives in an uncharted civilization that rests on the back of the most powerful Mother Spirit in the Amazon, Turtle Motelo Mama. One day she discovers that her homeland is being threatened and realizes that there are other humans in the world besides her people. As she fights to save her paradise against the greed and exploitation of children, logging, and illegal mining, she begins to struggle to reverse this destruction and impending evil of the Yacuruna, the darkness that lives in the Amazon. Overhanging a grove, Ainbo calls for Motelo Mama. The spirit of the Amazon emerges from the waterfall. The spirit tells her only Ainbo can save the village. Thereafter, she is guided by her animal spirits, Vaca and Dillo to save her land and save her people before it's too late.

Marketing strategies:
Sold to more than 100 countries all over the world.

Stockholm Junior CFF 2021, IFI Family CFF Dublin 2021, Cinekid Amsterdam 2021, Sevilla IFF 2021, FIFEM Montreal 2022, Leeds Young Film Festival 2022, Valencia CFF 2022

Website: ainbomovie.com

Study guide: Finnish

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Sold to:
Best Film (PL)
Entertainment One (NL)
Kino Swiat (PL)
Telepool / Global Screen (DE)
Le Pacte (FR)