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English title: Bonkers
Original title: Knetter
German title: Übergeschnappt
Netherlands, 2005

Director: Koolhoven, Martin
Production company: Lemming Film
Co-producers: VPRO
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Bonnie takes care of her mother Lis, more than she takes care of Bonnie. Then one day Lis brings home an elephant…

Bonnie (9) likes elephants, just like her family. Bonnie's mother, Mis, is not like other mothers. Sometimes she is very lively and very cheerful and at other times she can be lethargic and very down. She has pills to act "normal" but she doesn't like to take them. Fortunately grandmother lives with them, too – she holds the household together.

Bonnie would like to have a larger family, like her friend Koos. But grandma says life is busy enough with the three of them.

Then one day everything changes. Grandma dies and Lis sinks into a state of deep depression. he is unable to take care of her daughter so Bonnie starts looking after her. At which point Lis decides to come home with an elephant ...

Cinekid Amsterdam 2005 (awarded), Antwerp/Brugge 2006, Leeds 2006, Sprockets Toronto 2006, Kristiansand 2006, Zlin 2006 (awarded), Giffoni 2006, Vilnius 2006 (awarded), Filmak Dobrany 2006 (awarded), Hamburg 2006, Schlingel Chemnitz 2006, Vienna 2006 (Special Mention), Discovery Dundee 2006, FICI Madrid 2006, du grain à démoudre’ Film Festival 2006, London Children's Film Festival 2006 (awarded), Augsburg 2007, Montreal 2010

Website: www.knetterdefilm.nl

Study guide: Flemish

Study guide: German

World sales address/es:
Lemming Film (NL)
Attraction Distribution (CDN)

Sold to:
A-Film (NL)
Jef (BE)
VPRO-Televizie (NL)
Czech TV (CZ)
Sveriges TV (S)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)