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English title: Butterflymania
Original title: Butterflymania
German title: Butterflymania
France, 2019

Director: Fontaine, Irina
Production company: 6ème Sens Production
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Length: 82 min.
Film genre: Hybrid Docufiction

French beauty and elegance — and a lots of fun for the whole family. No GMO added. No animation. Only natural footage from wild nature. A fresh live-ation and natural metamor-phosis. Scenes from Marriage of insect.

One of the central narratives of the plot: the story of the caterpillar, which dreams of becoming a butterfly, with the same fate as the main character from Andersen’s “Ugly Duckling”. How to love that what you do not see and that what you do not know?

This trip is intended for adults wishing to return one day in their childhood and to young people eager to grow faster. Now, we are already in the country of the most modest and inconspicuous inhabitants of the earth – insects. During the observation of those insects, those fragile creatures, we imperceptibly become one of them! The inhabitants of this fascinating world reveal the secrets of their daily lives. We are then invited into a strange theater where the tiniest actors unveil their show.

Just Film Tallinn 2019, Luxembourg IFF 2021, Luxembourg City IFF 2022

Website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uOvQBWgcEg

Study guide: French

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6ème Sens Production (FR)