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English title: Minoes
Original title: Minoes
German title: geheimnisvolle Minusch, Die
Netherlands, 2001

Director: Bal, Vincent
Production company: BosBros
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

MINOES is a family picture based on one of the most popular Dutch children’s books by Annie M.G. Schmidt. Tibbe is a starting journalist and is about to be fired. Then he meets the remarkable Miss Minoes. She tells him she used to be a cat and she does behave very cat-like; she purrs and she can communicate with cats. Together with her cat-friends Minoes provides Tibbe with exclusive news. Tibbe triumphs as a journalist. Then they discover that the beloved benefactor, the managing director of the local factory, is not as good as he seems. Tibbe writes an article about him but then the whole population of the village turns against Tibbe and he gets fired. Miss Minoes helps him out.

"In this magical, cheeky production cats expose an environmental scandal. Director Vincent Bal has created a fantastic world in which Carice van Houten enchants as the cat lady." (Kinderfilmfest Berlin 2002)

A few quotes from the German press:
This movie simply has everything: fantasy, comedy, tempo and, above all, lots of emotion. All this and it is practically free of effects and still just as effective. (B.Z. Berlin - August 8, 2002).

A charming movie has been created with a backdrop that is sometimes reminiscent of paintings, convincing actors and speaking cats, but without over-the-top computer tricks. (Silke Böttcher in B.M. Live Supplement Berliner Morgenpost , August 8, 2002)
It doesn’t always have to be Disney! Once more a European children’s movie shows that original stories can reach a mass audience. (Funkuhr - July 26 to 31, 2002).

This Dutch modern fairy tale is a tribute to cats and to the open and accepting nature of children. (Buster Copenhagen 2002)

In addition to a great story, Minoes has funny moments from beginning to end. I recommend this film to any and everyone, Go see Minoes today! (David Orlikoff, children's film critic at Chicago Festival 2002)

Marketing strategies:
Sensational results in the Netherlands: 837,000 admissions and a box-office of 4,500,000 Euro!
Cinema: 71.000 admissions in Gemany.

Kinderfilmfest Berlin 2002, Laon 2002, Montreal 2002 (awarded), Cairo 2002 (awarded), Halifax 2002 (awarded), Stockholm Junior 2002, Sandnes 2002, Chicago 2002 (awarded), Oulu 2002, Cinepaenz Cologne 2002, Antwerp 2003, Malmö 2003, Plein la bobine - Sancy 2003, Winnipeg/Canada 2003 (awarded), Münster 2003, Hyderabad 2003 (awarded), Vilnius 2004, Discovery Dundee 2005, Cinema Infantil Brazil 2004

Study guide: Flemish

Study guide: German

World sales address/es:
Bos Bros (NL)
Attraction Distribution (CDN)

Sold to:
Warner Bros (NL)
Folkets Bio (SE)
Arthaus (NO)