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Veins of the World

English title: Veins of the World
Original title: Adern der Welt
German title: Adern der Welt
Germany, Mongolia, 2019

Director: Davaa, Byambasuren
Production company: Basis Berlin Filmproduktion
Co-producers: Mongol TV, RBB, ARTE
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 96 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Amra is growing up in the Mongolian steppe between herds of goats and YouTube videos. His hopes and dreams revolve around someday performing onstage in "Mongolia's Got Talent". However, the fight against the exploitation by gold mining companies and the campaign for a viable environment soon challenge the boy's eclectic talents.

Berlin Generation 2020, BIKY – Busan CFF 2020, Zurich IFF 2020, Cinemagic 2020, Bremen CFF 2020 (awarded), Filem'On Brussels CFF 2020, Chicago CFF 2020 (awarded), Vienna CFF 2020 (selected), Cine Junior Paris 2021, Providence CFF 2021, IFF on Human Rights Geneva 2021 (awarded), Luxembourg IFF 2021, Freeze Frame Winnipeg 2021 (awarded), Reel 2 Real CFF Vancouver 2021 (awarded), Vienna CFF 2021, Cine Junior CFF Val-de-Marne 2022, Rabazz CFF Leipzig 2022

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